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This site was last updated: 28 May, 2018
        hassle free entertainment for children and families

                   you provide the space and food ...

                                we'll bring the entertainment!

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Coming events

Thurs. 31 May am ~ Preschool show

Sat. 23 Jun ~ TENTATIVE birthday party

Sun. 24 Jun pm ~ Birthday party show

Contact us for a booking for your
Birthday parties
Daycare special events
Classroom projects
Mall entertainments
Summer Day Camps 
and more!
2039 Casa Marcia Cres. 
Victoria, BC, Canada  V8N 2X5
phone: 250-472-3546   
Note: Most days I am available morning or afternoon, but Sundays I am only available 
starting 1:30 pm for setup for a 2pm show (or later)